To celebrate the end of summer, I’m sharing a bright, two-part engagement session with one of most creative couples I know. This shoot meant so much to me because the couple happens to be very good friends of mine, and I couldn’t be happier for them!

      Micah and Michael attend vintage car shows and generally have a love for all things retro, so for the first part of the shoot, they wanted to dress in 50’s style alongside a vintage Thunderbird. The car owner happened to have two vehicles and not only allowed us to use both, he also let us shoot on his lakeside property!

      Micah’s ring is a stunning antique heirloom:

      This vintage glass bottle was found during the trip in which Michael proposed to Micah. Appropriate, no?

      The owner of the Thunderbirds was so kind to show us his assortment of vintage jukeboxes that actually work! This was completely unexpected and such a treat.

      Check back next Thursday for the rest of this amazing session!


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